Waiting Room Subscription Services Achieves Certification of Point-of-Care/Public Place Database by the Alliance for Audited Media to Ensure Location Accuracy

AAM will continuously monitor the database to provide ongoing assurance

New York, NY, August 25, 2021 – Waiting Room Subscription Services (WRSS), the leading provider of audience development services for major magazine publishers and point-of-care health media, has achieved certification from the Alliance for Audited Media (AAM) for its proprietary 1.5 million public place location database. WRSS, a subsidiary of marketing company 360 Media Direct, pursued certification to assure its media and agency partners that its method for onboarding, updating and maintaining database records -- including location and National Provider Identifier (NPI) number -- is certified to industry standards.

“It’s important for us to demonstrate the quality and connectivity of our database to our valued public locations as we continue to serve our core magazine partners and expand into new areas such as the growing point-of-care market,” said Brian Knowles, COO of 360 Media Direct.

Knowles added that location accuracy helps improve campaign performance by delivering ads to reach the right audiences. “Certain medical locations may move or turnover more frequently than others,” he added. “The success of our media partners’ programs depends on their campaigns reaching viable locations that match their target audiences.”

As part of the certification process, AAM auditors reviewed all aspects of WRSS’s database management plan including the processes and procedures in place for onboarding new locations, updating address information, purging facility closures, verifying NPI numbers and establishing a method for recipients to opt out. Now that the initial certification is complete, AAM will continue to monitor the database to provide ongoing assurance of the accuracy and vitality of each location.

“Since databases need continuous maintenance, it was important that we examined the underlying procedures and controls WRSS developed for updating and maintaining its records,” said Ken Shultz, senior vice president of audit services for the Alliance for Audited Media and Point of Care Communication Council (PoC3) board member. “Our goal was to ensure that the processes WRSS has in place to maintain the database are providing users with the most accurate and current data possible.”

AAM will also continue to assess WRSS’s integration of industry tools such as National Change of Address (NCOA) and SIC/NAICS for location classifications. WRSS uses these datasets to help maintain location records at a high level of precision.

“Engaging in third-party certification with AAM helps us prove that we are doing everything possible to provide our clients with accurate, targeted locations,” Knowles said. “AAM certification demonstrates that our program provides our clients with location data they can trust.”

About Waiting Room Subscription Services
With 30 years in the public place distribution business, WRSS is regarded as an industry pioneer with longevity and experience in this important circulation service. Through the years, WRSS has had one mission: to deliver public place carefully with custom solutions powered by a complete understanding of objectives and challenges of each publisher’s specific needs. Visit 360 Media Direct to learn more.

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