Victor Urbieta

Senior Software Engineer

Victor started with a background as an embedded system design engineer for unmanned aerial systems at CSU Fresno. He has a Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering from CSU Fresno. Working in an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle joint project between CSU Fresno & Edwards Air Force gave him hands-on experience on working with low level hardware and software. 
This will later increase his desire to branch out and learn other higher level software such as desktop & web development. Starting as a programmer at 360 Media Direct since 2010, he has worked on many innovative projects and has self taught various backend & frontend web development languages as well infrastructure that is required to run them.
He is now a full stack Senior Software Engineer at 360 Media Direct.

Enjoys: Bodybuilding, snowboarding, hiking, music, Sudoku, video games, movies and spending time with wife and kids.

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