Independent Book Stores

What could be more convenient than an e-book or a better way to catch up on your reading than listening to an audiobook? 

Now when you purchase a digital book, you can support your favorite independent bookstore. With the many bookstores that use the independently-owned My Must Reads delivery platform, you can search more than a million and a half-titles.

Everything from little-known gems to the bestsellers with the convenience of one app—the My Must Reads app works with both e-books and audiobooks. (Some bookstores choose to use My Must Reads only for e-books.) 

Please locate your favorite bookstore in the list below and click on the name to be taken to that store’s e-book storefront.



32nd Avenue Books

4 Kids Books & Toys

7.13 Books

A Cappella Books

A Fine Parent

A Freethinker's Corner

A Good Book

A Likely Story Bookstore

A Little Bookish

A Novel Bookstore

A Novel Concept

A Novel Nook

A Seat at the Table Books


Aaron's Books

Abalabix Books

Acorn Books

Adventure Bound Books

Aerial Books

Afterword Tavern & Shelves

All She Wrote Books


An Open Book

Anderson's Bookshop

Angel Wings Bookstore

Annie Bloom's Books


Appletree Books

Arvida Book Co.

Asbury Book Cooperative

Athena Books

Auburn Oil Co. Booksellers

Audiobooks Unleashed


BA Books

Babycake's Book Stack

Ballast Book Co

Baltimore Read Aloud

Bandit's Bookshop

Barbara's Bookstore

Bards Alley Bookshop

Barn Owl Books

Battenkill Books

BayShore Books LLC

Bear's Bookshop

Beausoleil Books

Beginning to End Christian Bookstore

Bel Canto Books


Belmont Books

Below the Brine Bookshop

Best of Books

Bettie's Pages

Betty's Books

Between the Pages Bookstore

Beyond Just Books


Big Blue Marble Bookstore

Birdy's Bookstore

Bisbee Books & Music

Black Dog Books

Black Pearl Books

Black Walnut Books

Black World Schoolers Bookstore

Blacks Bookshop

Bliss Books & Wine

Blue Acorn Book Co.

Blue Cypress Books

Blue House Books

Blytheville Book Company

Bob's Beach Books

Bodacious Books and Baubles

Bonjour Books DC


Boogie Down Books

Book Alley

Book Club | E-Book Sales That Support Local Business

Book Culture

Book Exchange

Book Haven

Book Love the bookshop of Senoia

Book Moon

Book No Further

Book Nook of Fresno

Book Pal

Book People

Book People Richmond

Book Shop of Beverly Farms

Book Smart

Book Soup

BookBar eBooks



Bookends: Literature & Libations


Bookish Atlanta

Bookish: An Indie Shop For Folks Who Read

Booklovers' Gourmet




Books & Books @ The Studios of Key West

Books and Bsides

Books and Crannies

Books and Mortar

Books Are Magic

Books Around the Corner

Books On B

Books on First

Books With A Past


Bookstore No. 1 Sarasota




Booky Call

Boomtown Bookshop

Bougie & Bookish Things

Bound to Happen Books

Branches Books


Bridgeside Books

Bright Side Bookshop

Broadway Books

Bronx Bound Books

Bronx Bound Books

Brook Forest Voices

Brookline Booksmith

Buffalo Street Books

Burry Bookstore

Busboys and Poets Books

Buxton Village Books, Inc



Cafe con Libros

Calico Paw Books

Caprichos Books

Castles & Crowns Bookshop

Chapter One

Chapter One Book Store


Charese Indie House

Charter Books

Chevalier's Books

Children's Book World

Children’s Book World

Christian Books Today

Christians Bookstore

Cincy Book Bus

City Books (Pittsburgh)

City of Asylum Bookstore

Colgate Bookstore

Commonplace Books Fort Worth

Commonplace Books OKC

Commonplace Reader

Communitea Books


Copperfield's Books

Copperfish Books

Country Bookshelf

Crimson Codex

Cultured Books

Da Book Joint

da Shop: books + curiosities

DDG Booksellers

Deadtime Stories: True Crime and Other Books

Detroit Book City E-Book Store!

Diana's Books & More

Dog Eared Books Hampton

Dog-Eared Books

Downtown Book & Sound

Downtown Books

Downtown Books

Dragonfly Books

Ducks Cottage

Dudley's Bookshop Cafe

Duende District

Duncan's Books and More

Dundee Book Company

E. Shaver, Bookseller

Eagle Eye Book Shop

Eagle Harbor Book Co.

"Earth, Wind & BOOKS"

East Village Bookshop



eCeltic Books & Treasures

Eden Seminary Bookstore

Edmonds Bookshop

Ellen Plumb's City Bookstore

Enda's Booktique

Ernest & Hadley Booksellers

Exceller Books

Fab Journey Books

Fabled Bookshop & Cafe

Fables and Fairy Tales

Fables Books

Fair Trade Books

Fairytales Bookstore

Farmers Mills Books

Felican Books & Banter

Ferguson Books

Fiction Addiction

Fine Print Booksellers

Firelight Bookstore


Flip Flop Book Shop

Flipping Books and Stuff

Flying Cloud Booksellers

Flyleaf Books

Foggy Pine Books

Forbidden Romance

Fountain Bookstore

FoxTale Book Shoppe

Friendly City Books

Friendly Neighborhood Comics

Frosti's Bookshop

Gamble House Bookstore

Gaslight Books

Gathering Volumes

Get Lit Books


Go Flavor Go Bookstore


Golden Bee Bookshop

Goodruby Christian Bookstore

Gramercy Books

Greedy Reads

Greenlight Bookstore

Growing Minds Bookstore

Half Off Books

Hartfield Book Company

Harvest Moon Books

Haven Books

Haven Books and Gifts


Helianthus Books

Hi-Voltage Records & Books

Hickory Stick Bookshop

HideAway Books

High Five Books

Hills and Hamlets Bookshop


Hiram College Bookstore

Hoffmann & Hoffmann eBook

Honest Dog Books


House of Books

House Of Pages Bookstore


I've Read It In Books

Indy Reads

Ink Fish Books

Inklings Bookshop

Inkwood Books

Innisfree Bookshop

Inscriptions Books

Interabang Books

Invitation Bookshop

Island Books

Island Bookstore


Jackson Heights Books

Jackson Hole Book Trader

Jan's Paperbacks

Johns Creek Books & Gifts

Kate's Books

Keaton & Lloyd Bookshop

Kicks Mix Bookstore

Kids Ink Children's Bookstore

Kindred Stories

Kindred Thoughts

La Playa Books

Lake City Books and Writers Nook


Leaves Book & Tea Shop

Liberty Bay Books

Lido Village Books

Lightly Used Books

Lion's Mouth Bookstore

LIT Java

Lit. on Fire Books

Literati Bookstore

Little Green Bookstore

Loganberry Books

Loyalty Bookstores

M.Judson Booksellers

Macdonald Book Shop

Macs Corner Books

Madison Street Books


Maggie Mae's Kids Bookshop

Main Street Books

Main Street Reads

Malik Books

Many Moonz Bookz

Marco Tesla

Margies Book Nook

Marnell Books


McIntyre's Books

Meet Cute Romance Bookshop & Fizzery

Merritt Bookstore

Military Family Books

Mind Chimes Bookshop

Miranda Writes Books and Bar


Mocha Books

Modern Mrs Darcy

Moe's Books

Momentous Books

Monatna Book Co

My Cat Jeoffry Bookstore and Cat Lounge

My Sister's Books

My Village Books

Mystery Lovers Bookshop

Nantucket Bookworks


Napa Bookmine

Naughty Dog Books

Never Enough Books

New Story Community Books

Niche Book Bar

North Bank Books

Nowhere Bookshop

Oak Tree Books

October House Books

Odyssey Bookshop

Off the Beaten Path

Off the Beaten Path Bookstore

Old Fox Books & Coffeehouse

Old Town Books


Oliver and Friends Bookshop

On The Side Books

Once Upon A Crime

One More Page Books

Open Book Bookstore


OurStory Bookstore

Outside of a Dog Books & Games

Page 158 Books

Page 2 Books

Pages of Prose

Pageturners Bookstore

Papercuts J.P.

Park Road Books

Parnassus Books

Parnassus Books in Ketchikan

Patchouli Joe's Books & Indulgences

Paulina Springs Books

Pearl Street Books & Gifts

Pegasus Book Exchange

Pete & Freddy's Pages Aplenty


Politics and Prose Bookstore

Poor Richard's Booksellers

Portkey Books

Postmark Books

Powerhouse Arena


Prince Books

Print and Page Booksellees

Print and Page Booksellers

Print: A Bookstore


Pyramid Books

Queen Anne

R&B Used Books

Rainy Day Books

Rakestraw Books

Re-Turn the Page


Reach And Teach

Read Between the Lynes

Read With Me Books & Art


Readers' Racks

Reading Leaves

Reading Rock Books

Reads & Company

Red Balloon Bookshop

Red Rock Books

Red Stick Reads

Redbery Books

Resistance Bookshop

Revolution Books Berkeley

Revolution Books NYC

Rhyno Horn Books

Riches In Reading

River Bend Bookshop

River Dog Book Co

River Reader Books

RiverRun Bookstore

Riverton Bookshop

Roaming Romance

Robert Binder Books


Round Table Bookstore

Russell Specialty Books and Gifts


Sage's Books

Sage's Books

Sam and Eddie's Open Books

Sandman Books


Scout and Morgan Books


Scuppernong Books

Sea Howl Bookshop

SeaWitch Books

Semicolon Bookstore & Gallery

Sentinel Books

Serendipity Books

Serenity Book Shop

She's Full of Lit

Shelby's Book Shoppe

Shelf Knowledge Books

Shen Valley Books 'n Things

Sidekick Coffee & Books

Sidetrack Bookshop

Sistah Scifi Digital

Small World Books

Snowbound Books

Snug Books, LLC

SOA Co. Books

Socialight Society

Solid State Books

Source Booksellers

South Main Book Company

Space Cowboy Books


Spelled Ink

Spy Museum

Square Books

St. John’s Cathedral Bookstore & Gift Shop

Still North Books

Story & Song Bookstore Bistro

Sundial Books

Sunrise Books

Sunshine Book Co.

Swamp Fox Bookstore

Texas Star Trading Co

Texian Books

The Astoria Bookshop

The Avid Reader Bookstore in Davis

The Book Aisle

The Book Bar

The Book Bungalow

The Book Dragon Shop

The Book Haus

The Book House

The Book Loft


The Book Nook in Canby, Oregon

The Book Oasis

the Book Rack

The Book Stop

The Book Worm

The Bookies Bookstore

The Bookloft

The Bookshop

The Bookshop Co-op

The Bookshop in Lakewood

The Bookstore

The Bookstore of Glen Ellyn

The Bookworm

The Bookworm & BW Gifts LLC

The Brain Lair

The Briar Patch

The Chatham Bookstore

The Cloak and Dagger

The Crowded Bookshelf

The Dock Bookshop

The Dog Eared Book

The Flying Pig Bookstore

The Galaxy Bookshop

The Green Door Book Store & Gift Shoppe

The Haunted Bookshop

The Key Bookstore

The Key Bookstore

The King's English Bookshop

The Lit. Bar

The Literate Lizard

The Little Book Store

The Nature of Reading

The Novel Blend Bookstore & More

The Novel Neighbor

The Published Page Bookshop

The Purple Chair

The Read Queen Bookstore

The Resistance

The River's End Bookstore

the river's end bookstore

The Sly Fox

The Snail on the Wall

The Station Bookstore

The Story House

The Storybook Garden

The Tiny Bookstore

The Vermont Book Shop

The Voracious Reader

The Widgery Reading Boutique

The Willow Bookstore

The Wise Owl Books and Music

The Writer's Block Bookstore & Cafe

Third House Books

Third Street Books

Three Avenues Bookshop

Three Sisters Books & Gifts

TidePool Bookshop

Towne Book Center

Treasure House Books & Gifts

Tubby & Coo's Mid-City Book Shop

Turning The Page

UA BookStores

Uncharted Books

Under the Umbrella Bookstore

Unicorn Books and Gifts

Union Ave Books

University Press Books

Uppercase Bookshop

Valley Bookseller

Valley Bookstore

Village Books

Village Lights Bookstore

Village Square Booksellers

Village Well

Vintage Books

Vintage Library

Virginia Highland Books

Vroman's Bookstore


Watermark Books & Cafe

We Are LIT

Well Read Moose

Weller Book Works

Wellington Square Books

West Side Books

Where the Sidewalk Ends Bookstore

White Birch Books

White Paw Books & Curiosities

Whitelam Books

Wild Geese Bookshop

Wild Lark Books

Wild Thyme Independent Booksellers

Winnie & Mo's Bookshop

Winston Smith Books

Wonderland Bookshop

Woodham Books

Word After Word Books

Word Bookstores

Word on the Street

Word Up Community Bookshop/Librería Comunitaria

Wordsmith Bookshoppe

WoW Book and Toy Store

Writer's Block Bookstore

Written Words Bookstore

Ye Olde Bookshoppe