Reports to: Tom Shawver, CTO

Location: Fully Remote, US only

Job Summary

Software Engineers at 360 Media Direct take part in a range of feature development, new product development, and partner integrations. This position will focus on continued development of customer-facing product sites in C# on Azure, and will grow to support a transition to a new serverless technology stack using Typescript and other tools on AWS. You’ll work directly with the CTO, other engineers, and talented designers to help us all get new features and products to launch.


We’re a technology company providing marketing, sales and customer support services ranging from consumer goods to the rapidly changing print media space. Our core customer focus is people who enjoy reading, both offline and online. To that end, we operate customer rewards programs and ecommerce efforts with big brand partners, marketing to a wide range of book and magazine lovers.


You have a little experience under your belt and love diving into codebases to understand how they tick and make improvements. You’re looking to be exposed to the newest and latest technologies, and work alongside a supportive team helping to build the next generation of those codebases. You take objectives and run with them, preferring to find solutions rather than having them dictated to you. You thrive alongside other engineers, but have an unmatched solo work ethic that suffocates under micro-management.


  • Understand existing codebases written primarily in C# .NET and hosted on Azure
  • Work with product owners to understand feature needs and integrate them into existing products
  • Assist our partner companies with integrating to our API, and build custom integrations with theirs
  • Write beautiful, tested and documented code that’s I/O efficient and easy to understand
  • Debug applications across the full stack, diving into services and logs to help diagnose issues


  • At least one year of recent experience working with C#, Java, or similar strongly-typed compiled language
  • Understanding of modern cloud services, Azure preferred
  • Familiarity with C# and development best practices
  • Basic ability to maintain modern responsive HTML and CSS
  • Production experience with MSSQL or other SQL database
  • Open to expanding into new programming languages and technologies
  • Willingness and availability to respond to rare off-hours emergencies


  • Production experience with C# and Azure codebases
  • Familiarity with Typescript and/or Node.js
  • Understanding of AWS and serverless technologies such as Lambda, SQS, SNS, and DynamoDB
  • Solid experience with frontend technologies like React and Sass. This is a primarily-backend role, but our entire team has grown to be full-stack in some capacity!


Please send along your resume and cover email to Looking for a fast path to the short list? You can also pass along your Github account, link us to any open source contributions you’ve made, or share pieces of past projects you think might be relevant. These aren’t requirements, though, so reach out and let’s talk.