Senior Mobile Engineer

Reports to: Tom Shawver, CTO

Location: 19th and Market St, Philadelphia PA office (WFH during COVID-19)

Job Summary

The Senior Mobile Engineer creates and maintains cross-device mobile applications across our business units, mentoring other engineers on the team in the mobile technology space, and supporting development efforts from project conception through launch and post-launch iterations. Opportunities are also available to contribute to back-end services as well as web-based frontends.


  • Weigh in on specs and application design to ensure projects are ready for development
  • Create new applications and maintain existing applications that follow existing patterns, styles, dependencies, and architectures
  • Help lead mobile efforts and mentor other engineers in the mobile technology stack with great teamwork ethic
  • Ensure applications are efficient, minimize I/O, and avoid common pitfalls
  • Debug applications across the full stack, diving into services and logs to help diagnose issues


  • Production experience with React Native and related tooling without relying on Expo
  • Deep familiarity with Node.js and/or Typescript, and the NPM ecosystem
  • Experience with state management tools such as Redux or MobX.
  • Knowledge of CI/CD workflows and tooling for mobile apps
  • Strong history of observing best practices with Git, task management
  • Willingness and availability to respond to rare emergencies


  • Ability to pitch in on our web-based React frontends
  • Experience with Flutter. We’re working with React Native now, but always open to new and better tools!
  • Experience with GraphQL and eventual consistency tools/background sync tools like AppSync
  • Experience with social sign-in and social platform APIs
  • Full-stack experience, particularly with AWS technologies.


Please send along your resume, cover email, and links to a portfolio or relevant mobile apps to Looking for a fast path to the short list? You can also pass along your Github account, link us to any open source contributions you’ve made, or share pieces of past projects you think might be relevant. These aren’t requirements, though, so reach out and let’s talk.