Show Your Customers Some with bPerx

We believe that the appreciation you have for your customers should be stated. Loudly and frequently, and preferably with a gift.

The bPerx gift platform not only thanks your customers, but also incentivizes them — to make a purchase, increase their total spend, or further engage with your brand.

The use of gift card reward programs among millennials and their younger Gen Z counterparts has surged in recent years, building loyalty and boosting average consumer spend for millions of companies.

As such, we’ve partnered with the top digital and print magazine brands and e-commerce companies to create a unique digital gift card that provides  meaningful perks for your customers – all valued at $10.00 or more.

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Benefits of digital gift cards include:

  • Speed and ease of sending
  • Ease of redemption
  • Tracking:

    You know exactly if (and when) your customers redeemed the digital gift card. This allows you to follow up with people who have unused gift cards. A perfect opportunity to send a friendly reminder about the gift you sent them.

  • As e-commerce and online-only merchants grow in popularity, so will e-gift cards.
  • Environmentally friendly:

    You thank your customers and the Earth thanks you!

Thank your customers across a variety of touch-points, including:

  • Email – order confirmation, welcome, summer sale… you name it!
  • Various points of the e-comm transaction path
  • Point of sale at retail or online check in/registration
  • …And more!

Since the founding of bPerx in January 2018, we are proud to share that we have rewarded over 1 million happy customers (and counting!) since the redemption of our first gift code.

Our Clients Include:

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