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Booksio is a woman-owned online retailer with more than 15+ million book and magazine titles available, placing us securely in the top ten book retailers in the United States. But what makes us different is our philanthropic approach to business. While other companies may question WHAT they can gain, Booksio is more concerned with who we can help.

Every month, Booksio highlights one or two organizations as our featured charities. Chosen charities are promoted to the Booksio audience and receive 10% of all purchases for the duration of the month. Customers can also CHOOSE which charity benefits from their donation, allowing them to connect directly with the charity that resonates best with them. Customers will find the sign-up process to be user-friendly.

“We wanted our values to drive Booksio’s charitable giving. The list of charities we’ve brought together is passionate about both their work and the impact they’re leaving on the world. They’ve made an enormous effort to make a difference, from providing a hot meal or working to overcome systemic inequalities.”
- Kelly Vucovich, principal and co-founder


At Booksio

We value honesty, integrity, and compassion in leadership. We’re dedicated to supporting charities that move the needle on causes we believe in; that starts with dedicated leaders exercising fair compensation and maximizing their impact with funds raised and allocated in transparent ways.
We stand for improving our planet for future generations, striving for cleaner air, oceans, and a stable environment. We believe basic needs are a right of all people regardless of geography, nationality, or financial standing. Every person deserves access to water, food, health care, and education.
We believe that everyone deserves access to the same opportunities and quality of life regardless of race, gender, sexuality, disability, or circumstances outside of their own informed choices. We believe that the world’s agents for positive change are defined by the things and people they love and stand in opposition to groups defined by intolerant bias.

Diverse Stories, One World

By tying charitable giving into the purchase of books and magazines, we’re giving consumers a chance to give back and share in the joys, challenges, and knowledge of creators everywhere. And when those stories are told, the impact on our communities is much greater than financial support alone.

Booksio History

Booksio will deliver digital books in EPUB or PDF formats and can be read using a web browser or the Booksio app, currently available for Apple and Android devices. Non-charitable organizations can partner with Booksio through branded storefronts and perks for employees or clients. More information can be found here:

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